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Forward Thinking Academics

At The Cherry Hill School, we draw on proven educational philosophies to create the best possible learning experiences. Our students benefit from the educational philosophies of Jean Piaget (Constructivist Education), and Loris Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia Pedagogy), as well as the proven practices used in the schools of Finland.

Student involvement in the curriculum promotes a deep understanding of subjects and sparks a life-long love of learning. Students learn core subjects, as well as life lessons, through hands-on learning experiences. Project – based learning makes learning meaningful and make lessons stick. It’s also crucial to take the time to reflect upon an experience which helps to solidify lessons learned. This can be achieved through: discussions, painting, journaling or more.         

Outdoor adventure education, run by our teachers and directly connected to our curriculum, is another important part of our program. Our outdoor adventures promote teamwork, personal development, and environmental stewardship.  They provide our students with new challenges, along with opportunities to apply skills learned in the classroom such as collecting data, solving problems, bonding with classmates and teachers and developing self-confidence.

These adventures also help to foster the mindset of sustainability that permeates our program.  Our school uses best environmental practices throughout. We recycle and compost, use environmentally responsible products for the cleaning and maintenance of our grounds and upcycle items that can’t be recycled whenever possible.

Our program’s focus on sustainability inspires our students to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it. This helps them understand the interconnectedness of humans, economies, and all of the Earth’s systems as well as the important role they play in creating a sustainable future.