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Frequently Asked Questions

What age group do you serve?

Currently we’re enrolling 1st – 6th grade for the 2024/2025 school year.  We will add 7th grade in 2025/2026 and reach eighth grade in 2026/2027. There are no plans to extend into high school.

What is the school schedule?

Our school year generally begins early/mid August and runs through the end of May. Daily instruction begins at 8am and runs until 3pm. Before (7:30-8:00am) and after (3pm-4:30pm) school care is available for a nominal fee.  Additionally, after-school organized classes are available several days a week (sign-up fees apply). 

How many students are in each class?  

We prefer to limit class size to 12.  However, because we give priority to siblings, some classes may be larger to accommodate families with multiple children enrolling. Our largest class is currently 15 students.

Does your school follow Texas State Standards?

We follow the Texas State Standards, common core standards and research-based best practices for curriculum alignment and delivery of instruction. Our adopted Mathematics and Language Arts curriculums are based on National Standards, both in terms of the content covered and the methodology of instruction. Our daily use of investigative project work allows us to meet national standards in STEM education, which contributes to our recognition as a STEM accredited school.

Why do students spend so much time in the day on investigations and project work?

We adopt the perspective that children are active and capable learners, rather than empty bottles to be filled. Based on the latest educational and neuroscience research, we know that long-lasting learning happens when children create meaning from their choices, and when they practice applying new knowledge and skills through hands-on, multi-media expression. Because of this, teaching and learning at our schools comes from some direct instruction, many opportunities for one-on-one student-teacher interactions and lots and lots of collaborative group work. This not only helps children learn needed academic content and skills, but to practice and develop the “21st Century” skills (i.e. collaboration, creativity, critical thinking) that will be so important  to them as adults.

Do you assign homework?

Students in 1st – 3rd typically do not have homework assignments. As students become older and more capable of independent work, homework is assigned in a thoughtful way to reinforce and deepen understanding of topics taught at school without assigning so much work that students are unable to participate in extracurricular activities, family time and other learning opportunities that are essential aspects of a student’s holistic growth. For example, 4th and 5th grade students may be assigned independent home book study projects. If parents have strong feelings in favor of additional homework opportunities, they may request additional activities from teachers to practice at home with their children. 

How will I know my child is learning since your focus is not on standardized testing?

Our teachers are constantly evaluating the students’ learning through authentic means, including essays, projects, and weekly knowledge checks. Our small class size allows teachers to sit down with students regularly to observe and verify their understanding of class topics.  While standardized testing is optional and we never “teach to the test,” we do administer the released STAAR test to students starting in 3rd grade as one more source of qualitative input into student progress and to introduce students to the experience of test taking. 

We are not Jewish. Can we still enroll? 

Our warm, nurturing environment welcomes students of all faiths and denominations under the banner of our four core values– Kindness, Respect, Learning-by-Doing and Community. 

Is Judaics education a requirement?   

Through lessons revolving around Jewish holidays and celebrations interwoven throughout the curriculum, all enrolled children learn about the Jewish culture and core values.  

My child is Jewish.  Will The Cherry Hill School provide sufficient instruction in Judaics that we can forgo Bar or Bat Mitzvah preparation?

Our focus is on the development of general knowledge of Jewish holidays, values, and conversational Hebrew.  The school’s curriculum does not replace Talmud Torah instruction. If you are seeking Talmud Torah instruction or a congregation to join, we can connect you with one of the reform, conservative or orthodox synagogues in town. 

If my child takes Hebrew, will he or she take Spanish?

Yes, all students receive four days of Spanish instruction per week.

Do you offer after school enrichment? 

Yes. Some examples include seasonal ukulele, year-round off-site climbing classes, drama, team sports instruction and others. Contact our office for information on what’s currently being offered.