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The Cherry Hill School is committed to providing an outstanding education using best practices from around the world. Through Jewish teachings our students learn about community and respect while building a lifelong love of learning.


At Cherry Hill we use what international testing has shown to be the best educational practices from around the world resulting in a curriculum that is Reggio-inspired, project-based and informed by the world-renowned Finnish model of education.

We nurture each child in a way that fosters their naturally inquisitive minds and their unique style of learning. Students are empowered to ask questions, taught how to find answers and encouraged to make thoughtful decisions.

We place a high value on developing self-awareness and consideration of others’ feelings and points of view. Using a Jewish lens to teach about kindness, responsibility, community, and respect our school culture fosters empathy and understanding. Our students develop a global understanding of the world in which we live and that they can make a difference.

A life-long love of learning and community begins here.