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Outdoor Improvements Flash Fundraising Appeal



June 10, 2024

Through grants and the generosity of individual donors, TCHS has raised approximately $140,000 for outdoor improvements. With these funds, we’ve already installed a security fence around the perimeter of the school and transformed an unused corner of the yard into an outdoor classroom (which has quickly become our students’ favorite place both to learn and play). And we have more exciting news–next Monday we break ground on the installation of new irrigation, grass sod, and trees on the dirt field! Thank you to everyone who has made these improvements possible. 

However, our landscape plan includes more work than what’s already fully funded, and we’d love to wrap up the entire project while the contractor is onsite because it would be financially more efficient and less disruptive to our students.  We have until the end of June to raise an additional $30,000, which would allow us to complete all pending landscaping improvements this summer. A copy of the complete landscaping plan is shown below. 

Additional work that will be completed if we reach our base goal of $30,000 includes A) the creation of a second outdoor classroom under the existing shade structure by replacing the sand with screening, installing a sidewalk, and removing the (nostalgic–but unfortunately broken) playground toys and B) replacement of the sand in the playground area with engineered wood fiber and rock wall extension and repair. In the event that funds raised exceed the minimum goal, we will purchase wood seating for the outdoor classrooms and field, a custom sandbox, and playground equipment (approximately $15,000 more needed). 

We would be so grateful for your help reaching the finish line so that everything is ready in time for the 2024/2025 school year. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated, but donations of $1000 and higher will receive special recognition on our donor plaque.  

 Tax-deductible gifts can be made by check addressed to The Cherry Hill School or made online using this convenient site–although credit card fees apply. Please note that custom amounts can be given online by clicking the $0 sign and entering any sum.  

Should you have any questions about the planned improvements or to coordinate the delivery of donations, please feel free to reach out to the Outdoor Improvements Chair, Stefanie Block Uribarri:

On June 17, we break ground on the installation of new irrigation, grass and trees on this dirt field. This portion of our landscape plan is already fully funded.

Funds raised during this flash appeal will be used to transform the area under this shade structure into an additional outdoor classroom, and to haul out the dirt in the playground area and replace it with wood fiber. Broken playground equipment will be removed, and the short rock wall (shown in the photo above with children) will be repaired and extended.

Landscaping Plan