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Themes to Explore

Week One: July 8th-12th = Anime/Gaming
Students will learn the foundations of how to create both (anime & video games) and where these creations lead. They will learn about the different careers in those industries and create their own characters and games/ stories.

Week Two: July 15th-19th = Theatre
Campers will learn what theatre is and about the different types of shows. They will be able to create their own stories/shows. This will including sketching and constructing their own costumes (fabric provided by school), and building their own stage. We will play theatre games. Students will be able to put on shows and tell different stories throughout the week. They will also learn about lighting, sound, choreography and singing.

Week Three: July 22nd-26th = Sports
Since the Olympics will be taking place this summer, it will be a big point of focus during Sports Week; We will have campers learn about the different sports and play them. Campers will make up their own countries with their own unique flags, as well as their own burning flame. They will use clay to make their own gold, silver and bronze medals. They will also design their own Olympic mascots. On Friday of that week (the final day of camp), we will hold our own Camp Chai Olympics!

Extended Care

Sunrisers (Early Drop-Off) – 8am to 9am
$50 / week

Sunsetters (Late Pick-Up) – 3pm to 4pm
$50 / week


During our three-week summer camp program, Camp Chai, students will engage in the fine arts, technology, and sports with a  S.T.E.A.M focus. During our Summer Camp, each week’s curriculum will reflect a different theme, but all weeks will be packed with activities in the arts, exercise, outdoor time and a weekly field trip (transportation provided) that supports our educational topic.  

Enrollment Fee: $50, Price per week: $225

Now accepting enrollment for: 1st through 6th grade!”

*The enrollment fee will be waived for students enrolled in all three weeks*

Week One: July 8 – 12 – Anime and Gaming

 Week Two: July 15 – 19 – Theater

Week Three: July 22 -26 – Sports


Come explore with us this summer from July 8th – 26th! 

The price of field trips, a shirt and snacks is included in the registration fee + weekly tuition. Children should bring a vegetarian lunch from home daily. 

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